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Something For the Techie Homeowner:

Looking for a replacement doorbell or just want to spice up the boring conventional doorbell ring? The Swann MP3 DJ Doorbell is able to hold up to 600 songs on a 2GB memory card that allows you to add songs you will like everyone to hear when they ring your doorbell. It is wireless and uses batteries so you can take it with you into any area of the house, or just keep it in one designated area. You can also check out this video which shows it in more detail!

Something For the Pinball Wizard:

If you enjoy passing the time playing some games on your iPhone, here is another one for you that will make you feel like you are at the local arcade (if there were many of those still around). The Pinball Magic game by New Potato Technologies is a small iPhone sized pinball machine; it docks your iPhone and features a realistic pinball machine cabinet and folding legs, dual flippers, oscillating LED indicator, and some other little features. The Pinball Magic game is available free in the app store.

Something For the Harry Potter Fan:

If you want to get one step closer to being a wizard, this is the wand that can do that! The Kymera Magic Wand Remote Control allows you to control your TV like a trained wizard. With a flick of the wrist the wand can control up to 13 different infrared codes through 13 different preset gestures. The packaging for the wand adds another cool touch by having Chinese silk in the inside and a faux dragon exterior. This wand has pretty good reviews and can be bought through Amazon for $69.97 (Follow the link to check it out)!

Something For the Bargain Hunters:

The new Intel 330 Series SSDs will be perfect for any users who have been holding off on buying and SSD for their machine because of the high prices. The 330 Series has a SATA 6 Gb/s connection which delivers up to 500 MB/s sequential reads and 450 MB/s writes. There might be other SSDs that have higher speeds compared to the new 330’s, but one big difference is the 330’s price difference! Prices start at $89 for 60GB, $149 for 120 GB, and $234 for 180 GB (including 3 year warranty.

Something For the Tupac Fan:

This is awesome….technology has come a long way!! The reviews on this have been mixed; some think it is dark and creepy, and others find it great to see one of their favorite rappers back on the mic (even if it is just a hologram). So I definitely had to share this with those individuals who did not have the chance to go see the performance live on Sunday or check the video out.

Something For the Multiple Device User:

This Fujitsu Lifebook concept that is slated for 2013, and will be equipped with a lot of the devices that are in big use today. Included devices which are detachable from the laptop itself are a handheld tablet, a smartphone, and a full size digital camera. The handheld tablet doubles as a touch screen keyboard when connected to the laptop. Check it out here for more information on how all the devices work together!

Something For the Retro Lover:

Looking for stereo to hookup your iPhone, iPod, mp3 to? If you’re on a budget and like the retro look, the Berlin Boombox is perfect for you! This cool boombox is made nearly entirely of cardboard, and can be connected to devices via its 3.5mm headphone jack. The Berlin Boombox is currently in its funding period; so for a $50 pledge you can pre-order a boombox, $100 for a "limited edition" two-tone box, $250 for a custom designed model. For more information and a video of the Berlin Boombox click here.

Something For the Old School Gamer:

Looking for some furniture, are you a lover of video games? This Nintendo NES controller coffee table will be perfect for you! Not only is this a coffee table, but it is a fully functional Nintendo NES controller. All you need to do is remove the glass and connect it to your system and your coffee table/controller is ready to go! The coffee table is going for $3,500 USD; check it out here.

Something For The Avengers Fans:

We all enjoyed the eye candy Audi R8 Tony Stark drove around during the Iron Man movies, but for The Avengers he is going to switch it up. The new eye candy will be an Acura NSX Roadster; which will not actually hit dealerships until sometime in 2015. There will probably also be more Acura vehicles seen in the movie due to a partnership between Acura and Marvel.