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Something For the Back to the Future Lovers:

It has been a while since I have posted something, but this video made me have to share it with the world! This video shows to of my favorite things: The Grand Theft Auto series (GTA IV) AND Back to the Future! It has everything the regular game has and more, including Marty, the Delorean, and the ability to time travel. Even if I never get to see or play this game mod myself, I think this is one of the most awesome renditions that has ever been created!


Hill Valley” - Back to the Future Grand Theft Auto IV mod

Something Especially For the iPad:

The Brydge turns any iPad into a what looks like a MacBook,by being magnetically attached right on to your iPad as an external keyboard accessory. Brydge connects to the iPad using a hinge which allows 180 degrees of iPad positioning which also holds it securely! The thickness of an iPad connected to a Brydge is the same in comparison to a MacBook Air. Pre-orders for the Brydge are being accepted now; for a Brydge without speakers it is $170, and with speakers it is $210.

Something For the R2D2 Fan:

If you are looking for some new cuff links, need to carry around information, and are a fan of star wars, well these cuff links are for you! The Star Wars R2D2 USB Flash Drive Cuff Links has 2GB of storage on each cuff link, allowing a total of 4GB of your files that you can take with you anywhere you go. The website the cuff links are sold through even allows the buyer to add a custom engraving! With Father’s Day around the corner these would be a great gift for dad; Check them out here.

Something For the MacBook Lovers:

If you have not already heard, today Apple announced its new MacBook Pro with Retina Display. It has got a super-sharp Retina Display with 2880 x 1800 resolution, measures 0.71-inches thick, and weighs 4.46 pounds. The display has higher contrast and improved viewing angles along with reduced glare. This MacBook Pro also has a 7-hour battery life (with 30-day standby), 16GB of RAM, NVIDIA Kepler GT 650M graphics, optional 2.7GHz Core i7 processor, and up to 768GB of SSD storage! It is available and shipping now; 15-inch from $2,199.

Something For the Early Riser:

This neat little clock is not only cute and can keep you on time, it is an Eco-friendly product because it uses water to power itself! The Bedol Water Powered Clock ($23) can run off the water you fill it with for 8 to 12 weeks before needing more. It will not lose time while changing the water because it has a built-in memory chip! There is also an alarm clock version to this water clock; just check out the different variety and colors here!

Something For the Speed Enthusiasts:

The Vencer Sarthe Supercar is manufactured by Vencer (out of the Netherlands), and is the latest debut by the company. The Sarthe is made of lightweight carbon (weighing in at 3,065 lbs); and the 8-cylinder engine is located behind the driver (mid-engine configuration) which allows for a balanced weight distribution. The 500 hp V8 goes to 62 mph in just 3.8 seconds from a standstill, and tops out at around 202 mph.

Something For the Fish Owners:

Had to post this although I myself do not have any fish…the guy who made this “Marioscape" for his fish tank for this cool build!! Check the video out to see it in full detail, if you see the princess you might want to give Mario a heads up! :-)

Something For the Motion Control Techie:

The Leap Motion is a cool gadget that is able to sense your body motions or hand gestures in order to play games! This unit is 200 times more accurate than its predecessor (or even the Microsoft Kinect), and has a USB plug-in that is the size of of a stick of gum. It can track the motion of all 10 of your fingers, and is accurate up to the 1/100th of a millimeter. Check out this video that highlights what the Leap Motion can do! There is a limited-release batch, but if you’re not so lucky there will be a full launch ready for the holidays and the price point is $70!

Something For the Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Lover:

If you love yourself some Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and frequently have to fight over it with someone else in your household or at work you are in luck because the Ben & Jerry’s Pint Ice Cream Lock is for you! This device has been available since 2005 but has never really been widely covered in the media. The lock even has a cute message for those who try to get to your ice cream "I’m terribly sorry, but there is no ‘u’ in ‘my pint’. If you are wondering where you can buy this, just go here and get one for $6.64 each.

Something For the Retro Gamer:

The Retro Duo Portable NES/SNES Game System let’s you feel like a kid again by letting you play some of your favorite Super Nintendo and Nintendo games. The portable device lets you enjoy your games for up to 8 hours, it can also be connected to a television, and your friends can join by using the extension controllers. This system along with the other items in the box is $89.99, and can be bought from ThinkGeek.